Alpine Cemetery Paranormal Ghost Haunt


Alpine Cemetery Paranormal Ghost Haunt:
The Alpine Cemetery of (San Diego County) has only recently gained mention as a posible haunted location. Several San Diego based Paranormal groups including S.D.P.E. have began to use the area as a training or proving ground. A majority of the orignal claims eminated from a series of EVPS captured by S.D.P.R.S.
The cemetery has also been noted by local Fox 6 News, “The graves of seven veterans buried at the Alpine Cemetery were stolen.” The names of the seven stolen grave markers are as follows:
James Stephens, died 1968
John Dirks, died 1980
Charles Skidmore, died 1970
Martha Arnold, died 1986
Hugh Chance, died 1994
William B. Clark, died 1982
Andrew Sexton, died 1969
Anyone with information about the stolen graves has been asked to contact the Alpine Cemetery at 619-445-4830.
With regards to ghosts, San Diego Paranormal Eye has reported dark masses, evps, and team members being grabbed and scratched. -Such claims are consistent with other paranormal groups currently involved with Alpine Cemetery.

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