Photo Gallery Whaley House

San Diego Haunted Photo gallery Whaley House located at 2476 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110. The Whaley House was built upon the gallows of San Diego’s early courthouse and is an 1857 Greek Revival style residence built by Thomas Whaley for his family. It has since become a California Historical Landmark, and museum located in Old Town, San Diego, California. It is currently maintained by Save Our Heritage Organization. The Whaley house is considered the most haunted house in San Diego, CA.

Photo Gallery Pioneer Park

San Diego Haunted Photo gallery Pioneer Park. Located at 1521 Washington Pl San Diego, CA 92103. Formerly a 19th century cemetery now a park featuring tree-shaded lawns & paths. A row of tombstones featuring early significant San Diegans makes up a monument honoring the park as a former cemetery. Only a few graves were exhumed and entombed elsewhere. The majority of human bodies remain under the lush green park grass.

Photo Gallery William Heath Davis House

San Diego Haunted photos from the Historic William Heath Davis house in San Diego, CA. Victorian-era edifice housing offices, a museum, garden & hosting ghost tours & other events. Address: 410 Island Ave, San Diego, CA 92101. Listed on National registry of Historic Places on February 15, 1974.

The William Heath Davis house is a San Diego Haunted team favorite location! While we have never ghost hunted here “officially”, we visit this location a few times a year. It is a beautiful piece of San Diego History and a great place to let your mind time travel.

From a paranormal stand point, most of our team noted a sense of vertigo while in/near the bathroom area. The architecture is the most likely reason for that sensation, as the room seems a bit off balance.