Kfc – Tacobell – Pizza Hut Ghost Spirit Haunt

Kfc / Tacobell / Pizza Hut Ghost Spirit Haunt

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3n1 KFC. I am a third party vendor for KFC. Me and a team were doing facilities repairs (we were alone in the restaurant) When one of my team says to me, “hey I thought all the employees went home.” I told him they had, so he said, “well who just went into the walkin- refrigerator?” We all went to look and there was no one there, but some food items were found all over the floor (the GM keeps the store immaculate). The next day I told the general manager about it, he said, “over the last 10 years a few weird sightings of the same mysterious employee had been seen by other workers, and delivery people.” To his knowledge no one ever died there. Retired GM Danny Panso* (of that location )also commented that workers had reported seeing a phantom employee during a remodel several years prior.

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