San Diego Haunted Mission Statement

Hi my name is Daniel Scott . I am the administrator of ( San Diego Haunted or Sandiego haunted ). I am also a native San Diego resident and have called SD my home since 1979. My interest in the paranormal , ghosts , hauntings , or haunted phenomena was established early in life . I grew up in what my family and I consider a haunted or Paranormal house .  My parents bought the Encanto area house in 1976, they bought it knowing the previous owners three year old daughter had died inside the house, by way of choking to death on a deflated balloon. The girl died in the very same room I would grow up in. The haunting was very benign in nature, things would disappear and then reappear in spots already checked; cold and warm spots also existed throughout the house; strange electrical phenomenon would occur such as  Ball lightening and St. Elmo’s fire. At the height of activity, between my 7th and 10th birthday, Strange noises were heard late at night . The appearance of the  ” shadow figure ” became common. Everyone in the house experienced the shadow person at one point or another, it would be seen upon waking up standing over you… as soon as you blinked your eyes once, it would be gone . It was too large to be the little girl that died, stood about 6 foot tall, was of average weight, the head was almost triangular, and It was completely pitch black and silent. Like I said it was benign in nature so my mom named it Hatti. When things would disappear we would call for Hatti to bring it back and believe it or no,t it worked every time. So we lived life in parallel to this haunted paranormal entity. The paranormal activity in my parents house is currently not active. I founded this website in 2007, my mission to help others find information about haunting’s in San Diego Ca , and help if the haunted paranormal ( hp ) activity is overwhelming the current inhabitants.
Daniel Scott  - Sandiegohaunted .com