Apartment La Roca Plaza Ghost Haunt Spirit

Apartment La Roca Plaza Ghost Haunt Spirit

[ User Submitted ] La Roca Plaza town homes, Santee. Ca. (apt # removed for legal) unexplained voices at night, uneasy feelings in bathroom, feelings of dread and depression. (Not related to the update there are two separate issues same apartment)

–UPDATE– 2013

The apartment was investigated by a splinter group from a reputable and well known San Diego based paranormal team in 2008; according to first hand witnesses, the investigators (without any equipment) could clearly hear and make out apparitional voices and sounds (AVP). Based on emails from private sources, The daughter / sister of one family, was tormented for three years by an unseen entity. Recordings were captured by the family from the apartment and lead to the belief the entity was “going to get her.” The family moved out, but shortly after, the daughter was killed in a tragic ATV accident.

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