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    My name is Dan I am the admin and creator of this forum . I am a born and raised San Diego Native; I grew up in and around Skyline and Meadowbrook (graduate of Lincoln high school). I’m actually quit uneasy by the paranormal despite witnessing and growing up in a “interesting” house. When things start to spontaneously move I tend to get the most uneasy. I consider myself a skeptical believer; being a skeptic makes me a better believer. When I run into things I can’t explain or dismiss it really makes me more apt to believe. I have several different views on “haunting’s” here is a list.

    • 1. Though not explainable doesn’t necessarily mean it is paranormal.
    • 2. The laws of physics may be broken yet remain intact, in a unknown way.
    • 3. The are many plausible theories on “haunting’s” including..time shifts, different colliding realities, psychic manifestations and so on and so on, Because of this it is best to only scour the facts and record them, analyze but never ever conclude anything.
    • 4. I use the word paranormal literally - describing anything or behavior not normal by general thought standards. 
    • 5. I like recorded data meaning kept for future reference. I use many logs.
    • 6. I refer to haunting’s as HP haunted paranormal and reference haunting’s as Person, Place, Time, Objects, Sounds P.P.T.O.S. and combinations there of.
    • 7. I am as interested in the person who claims possible the paranormal , as I am with the possibility of haunted paranormal.
    • Psychics are only 0-50% accurate which would be a F- if we were in school. 

    This is how I operate any questions pm me.

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